Bills B Racing

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About Bills B Racing & Our Filters

Every BBR Velocity Stack Filter is custom manufactured by hand to the highest level of quality. In keeping with our commitment to our customers to provide the absolute best product on the market, Bill B Racing's stack filters will ensure optimum performance of your prized possession, your automobile. These are available in low-profile, dome or custom fit and feature a "new" patented Lip Lock retaining ring. Our filter will continue to provide maximum air flow in temperatures up to 350 degrees and down to -30 degrees below zero.

Special Color Options are available on a special quote basis and can include both retaining ring as well as the screen. We can also manufacture custom screens, which can stop items up to .75mm or our double screen that can successfully prevent smaller (.6mm) particles from contaminating your engines function. The “Bills B Racing ‘Gold’ Series”, features a one-layer filer with stopping power to .012 of an inch while delivering the same performance as the MAX FLOW Screen/Filter/Screen unit.

Contact Bill's B Racing now and find out why we are becoming the industry standard for Velocity Stack Filter Performance! Outperforming the competition in head to head testing by over 28%. What's even more impressive is that unlike standard stack filters (than can act like a magnet, attracting dirt and oil) maintenance and cleaning is kept at a minimum.

Choosing Bill's B Racing's High Velocity Stack Filters will not only save you money but also considerable time, allowing you to enjoy your vehicle that much more!