Photos Photos Colors Here is a look at some of the different colors! 148164708 Caps Caps for on top of velocity stack filters. 148164707 High Gloss This is what a High Gloss finish look like. Matte is what is in the photo above. 148164709 Silver, Gold, Black Different color Screens 148164711 Premium Screen VS Standard Screen Premium on Left vs Standard on Right 148164710 154718801 First one of TWM sets sent out! 154718802 Custom Filter 14 Inch Filter 154718803 14 Inch Stack 154718804 Ducati Bike we made custom filter for red and gold. 154718805 Ducati Close up of filter 154718806 64mm Custom Blue Color Mix 154718807 Hood Clearance Custom build to clear the hood problem. Deep orange custom color. 154718808 Hood Clearance Close up of stack 154718809 Kinsler Cross Ram Stack 154718810 Mikuni 80mm Stacks with Red/Silver filters 154718811 Queen Bee Duals 45 DCOE 154718812 Queen Bee Quads 70mm 48 IDA 154718813 Mirco's Micro's are on these stacks 154718814 Throttle Body Filters 154719115 Throttle Body Filters 154719116 Weber 40 IDF Custom Color Mix Blue 154719117 Ducati 154719118 Ducati 154719119 Queen Bee Dual 45 DCOE Factory 64mm Stacks 154719120 Ducati 154719121 Dana Hinkle Custom made filters for show truck 154719122 Micro View Spot of dust on edge of a dime that is about approximately stopping power 154719123 Micro View Dime 154719124