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Quotes Hi Bill, My EMPI velocity stack filters arrived this afternoon. I don?t know how you made and delivered them so fast. They?re absolutely beautiful! I?ve never been more pleased with a custom-made car part. Jim Inglese is working on my carbs but the stacks are still here in my garage, so I installed the covers this afternoon. No problem ? a perfect fit. Absolutely first-class. They give me the filtration I need, they clear my hood (very tight clearances), and they look terrific. Thanks, Bill. I?ll send you a photo when I get the engine together. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Bill, I just wanted to send a couple of pictures of the car that you helped make look great as well as run amazing! At 481 horsepower there was a 12hp loss with your air filters and 12 hp for piece of mind that my engine will last A LOT longer is well worth it! Your filters were exactly what I was looking for and your service after the sale is beyond expectation. I won't hesitate to call on you and your company for all future projects! Thank you for all you do! Greg Pellegrino Vintage Motorsports Quotes
Vintage Motorsports
Greg Pellegrino

Quotes On the last engine we did back to back comparison with and without covers from 4500 to 9200 RPM. The covers actually helped at the bottom end where air flow is minimal (probably organized and straightened airflow like a gas lens) and only lost 3-4 HP above 8000 and did not significantly alter fuel air mixture. Peak HP without was 359 hp and with was 355hp all from 183 ci. Quotes
Rick Bunkfeldt

Quotes Bill, thanks for the prompt shipment of my custom filter order . It's great to see that there are a few businesses left out there that make a great product and have fantastic customer service. Quotes
Satsfied customer

Quotes I'm very glad with the dual filters which I mounted on my open stacks of the Webers. They reduce the noise a bit and they look very fine under the hood. Also thanks for the friendly price for sending them to Holland. Greet Jo Quotes
Jo Andrien
customer from Holland

Quotes Bill, --- I just installed the stack filters. Thank you for the prompt service and delivery. They are "perfect"! colour, size, fit, etc. It is great to have procucts like yours available that work "right out of the box". No adjusting was necessary, I just had to follow your instructions! Thank you, Stephen Quotes
Stephen Lax

Quotes Thanks Bill, the best part of my birthday is knowing that the driving season is coming on fast (and your filters make it even faster!!!!) Quotes
James Fee Langendoen
From Facebook

Quotes Bill -- the stack filters look even better in person than in pictures! this is definitely THE solution. these damn things fit perfectly. unbelievable. i swear it's like you had the car in your shop to take measurements and do a series of trial and error versions before creating this set....the damn things CLICKED INTO PLACE when i put them on !!!! i have sent pics to my builder and he in contacting the VCP's guys to send them the pics and make sure they have your contact info....i'll make sure they have the mold ready to go and you are taking orders. I am sure they will resell your stuff or direct their clients to you. check is in the mail...and i have your business card in my glove box so i can tell everyone that asks where i got those filters. thanks for the custom work and the fast i can drive with confidence. Z Quotes

Quotes Bill, Your filter products are the best I?ve seen in the 30+ years I ?ve been building Weber carburetion systems. I wish I had these back in the late 70?s. I never sell anything to my clients that isn?t on a par with what I do here. I?m proud to offer your filters to my customers. They?re good looking, don?t block air flow, and they enhance my service. Thanks. --- Jim Inglese, JIM INGLESE WEBER CARBURETION Quotes
Jim Inglese

Quotes Outstanding and conscientious customer service. Bill really gives a hoot about his customers! Thanks! Quotes
CAPT Jim Stevens, USN (Ret)