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Quotes Made 574HP & 572TQ without filters AND 566HP & 566TQ with Bill's filters! Awesome flow and performance. SBC 427 stroker motor with Hilborn 8 Stack EFI Scott Quotes
Scott C

Quotes Hi. Used the filters at the vintage race associated with the Houston Indycar race. They fit perfectly and did not reduce power on the dyno. The Suzuki o Quotes
The Suzuki O
Vintage Race

Quotes Hi, When we did the Dyno tuning on my car we tried one run without the air cleaners and immediately following a run with the air filters, the result was only a difference of 2 HP less, which could have been Dyno error reading of just difference in engine run. Based on this, I would say that your air cleaner screens do not have any negative effort on engine performance. Tom Quotes